Integrated Policy

Quality – Environment – Safety

The Management Team at MONGE has drawn up an Integrated Policy on management systems relating to QualityEnvironment and Health andSafety at work which identifies the procedures by which the Management’s aims and objectives have to be achieved.   

All staff at the firm have to be made aware of the Integrated Policy by means of notices displayed in the firm’s premises and by direct communication.

The Integrated Policy must be understood, implemented and supported by staff at all levels.

The Management will take the lead in regards to the company strategy on quality, respect for the environment and the protection of health and safety of workers. The whole firm will be involved in achieving these aims and suitable training and information will be provided at all levels.

The principal objective regarding quality is to reduce non-compliance as far as possible during all stages of company procedures and, in particular, to reduce customer complaints and work towards continuous improvement of service quality in order to achieve total satisfaction on the part of the customer.

The main goal for the environment is to prevent, reduce or eliminate, where possible, environmental pollution; while for health and safety at work the principal objective is to reduce significantly the likelihood of accidents and injuries and work-related illnesses.

The company continually strives to improve its performance both in terms of quality, the environment and in terms of safety.

These are other company’s objectives:

  • define and monitor process indicators, with the aim of evaluating and improving the capacity of company processes to achieve the results expected,
  • manage the company’s waste in such a way as to minimise negative environmental effects while the company carries out its activities;
  • reduce, where possible, consumption of resources (raw materials and energy);
  • constantly seek to prevent environmental damage, risks to health and safety through careful monitoring of environmental aspects and dangers which might lead to this kind of damage and risks.
  • minimise the consequences of any environmental impact, accidents, incidents or workplace illness by means of careful and responsible management of all the activities (for example, our cans are 100% recyclable);
  • observation at all times of legal requirements and regulations both in terms of quality as well as the environment and health and safety at work;
  • guarantee consultation and participation of workers, including through the representative for workers’ safety in relation to health and safety at work.

In order to ensure that the aims and objectives are achieved, the following general principles should be applied:

  • management of quality, environment and safety involves all company functions and activities at every level;
  • the aims and objectives have to be made publicly available through distribution of this integrated policy and of annual results of the various reviews by the management;
  • the aims and objectives have to be achieved progressively through management improvement programmes;
  • the use of machinery and equipment, of company premises, of operational methods and the organisational aspects are to be carried out in such a way as to safeguard the health and safety of workers, third parties and the community in which the company operates;
  • cooperation between different company resources, collaboration with business organisations and with appointed external bodies is encouraged.

This integrated policy and checks on whether the various objectives on quality, safety and environment have been met will be reviewed both during internal audits and during the review of the system by the Management.

Superior quality for all

Monge invests in the professionalism of what it does, its research, product quality and services offered.
Boosted by more than 50 years of experience, the results achieved and the comprehensive range of wet and dry pet food, Monge aims to be the benchmark for the animal feed market in Italy.
Monge products already have the best value for money on the market, a feature that drives the constant growth of each of its brands and gains the loyalty of millions of consumers, not to mention the appetite of their pets. The Monge family plays a hands-on role in each aspect of the company’s operations, personally guaranteeing the palatability of the products.



European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.

Programme of rural development 2014-2020

Measure  4
Operation         4.2.1

Description of the project: Technological innovation in the manufacture and packaging processes of paté in 400g tins and single-portion trays and chunks in single-portion doypacks.

The investment programme is intended exclusively for certain specific types of wet products, in particular patés packaged in single-portion trays or in tins of up to 400g in weight, and chunks packaged in single-portion doypacks.
The project is specifically aimed at the innovation of the technologies and production systems for some of the firm’s key products, and is intended to optimise the use of plant and production flows and limit costs, as these are essential conditions for planning longer-term strategies in order to bring positive consequences for the sector, for employment and for the development of the huge area of associated activities (logistics, distribution, services, etc).

Total cost:  € 1,500,000.00
of which EAFRD funding:  € 258,720.00

Innovative technologies for the well being of dogs and cats
Monge products are a guarantee for the well being and nutritional health of dogs and cats.

Monge devotes energy and investments in search of innovative, natural and cruelty-free solutions for the development of its products. Internal Research & Development department defines the recipe formulation for healthy, balanced and complete food for cats and dogs. For some time now the new frontier of pet food is oriented to the study of the needs by breed, size, lifestyles and ages of dogs and cats. This is because each of our little friends has specific needs related to different aspects. Proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals and fibre are the precious elements that ensure the growth, development and maintenance of our faithful companions. The researchers of the analysis laboratory search for the best ingredients to create products that contain the right mix of these elements. The result is an ideal diet for every dog and cat.